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Erin Ryder is an explorer, adventure seeker, Journalist & formidable geek.


Commonly known as Ryder, she’s a mouthy blonde with big personality. A self described, no nonsense adventurer; she gets her kicks traversing some of the deadliest environments on earth. Her humor and penchant for getting into trouble keeps most everyone on their toes. Not satisfied with 9-to-5 cubicle living, Ryder’s incurable case of wanderlust has led her to experience numerous exotic expeditions in far-out places. Having now explored more than 50 countries she has gotten a behind-the-scenes look at the cultures and lifestyles in these amazing destinations. Some have called her a, “daredevil in a dress,” but being a fearless femme fatale has resulted in her checking a bunch of items off her bad-ass bucket list; rafting the world's largest waterfall, scaling glaciers in Antarctica, rappelling the Great Wall of China and jumping out of a helicopter info shark infested waters. 


Ryder has an objective journalistic approach to the "Unexplained" and considers herself “Scully and Mulders” love child. She's not just looking for more stories on cryptids, extraterrestrials and paranormal activity — she wants answers. Her aggressive pursuit of the truth not only includes daring athletic feats, but a zealous passion for research and an industry-leading knowledge of all things tech. Her years of experience chasing unsubstantiated claims makes her an expert in the field of alien/ghost/monster hunting technology using specialty cameras, Geiger counters and EMF detectors. Ryder 'geeks out' over the newest gadgets and can't wait to use the latest technology to investigate new and old cases alike. If there is an unusual sighting or unexplained occurrence out there, Ryder loves the challenge to prove, or disprove, its existence through modern-day technology. Ryder considers herself a 'skeliever,' as she falls somewhere between a skeptic and a believer. Deep down she wants to be convinced, but will need to see the hard evidence first.


Ryder is regarded as one of the most versatile, up and coming personalities in the world of travel and exploration. She is a seasoned Co-Host of SYFY's television series, "Destination Truth" as well as a Host for National Geographic's, "Chasing UFOs." And she has made frequent appearances on talk shows and radio stations across the country.


Raised in New York, Erin is a graduate of Syracuse University's Newhouse School, where she received a Masters degree in Television, Radio and Film and was an All-American Field Hockey player. Her passion for travel has helped her collect over twelve years of experience as a producer in travel, entertainment, and sports, including working the Olympics, Emmys, and X Games. Erin Ryder began her career in sports at NBC Olympics Division as a Production Assistant. She has since been the Executive Producer and Show Runner for numerous Documentary and Reality Television series. She is a member of the Producers Guild of America, Hollywood Radio and Television Society and The American Film Institute. She currently lives in Los Angeles where she enjoys the outdoors, taking photos and planning her next big adventure. 


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